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Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits (FDs) is a most common, widely accepted and most penetrated investment instrument in India. Fixed Deposits are accepted by Banks or Corporates or NBFCs or Financial Institutions.  

We recommend investing in Deposits of entities with Good Credit Rating.

Fixed Deposits are perceived to be safe investments as they provide assured returns over the maturity period.  Interest is either paid out at regular intervals or it accrues till maturity. Rate of Interest received (Before Tax) is just able to beat the inflation rate. So these are not considered as instruments for wealth creation. They are just able teo retain Time Value of Money.

Types of Companies offering Fixed Deposits

  •   Financial Institutions
  •   Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs).
  •   Manufacturing Companies
  •   Housing Finance Companies
  •   Government Companies

Features and Benefits

  •    Company Fixed Deposits offer comparatively higher returns than banks.
  •    Choose the best suitable tenure from a wide range as per your convenience.

You can choose how frequently you want to receive your interest payments :-

  •    Maturity
  •    Yearly
  •    Half-yearly
  •    Quarterly
  •    Monthly